In an emergency, call TRIPLE ZERO (000)

Inland Waterways

Creeks, lakes, rivers and dams may vary in size, depth and visibility. Swimming or recreating in these environments is fun, but there are many hidden dangers that can cause serious injuries. Hazards may include water temperature, rocky areas, submerged objects, and slippery, steep banks that may or may not visible.

Children must always be supervised when in, on or around creeks, lakes, rivers and dams. You should also obey any warning or safety signs for the location.

If you are swimming in these locations, never swim alone and always tell someone where you are going.

Fact Sheets

Photo of Be RiverSafe - Brisbane

Know the dangers

Be RiverSafe - Brisbane

Photo of Be SnorkelSafe

Know the dangers

Be SnorkelSafe

Photo of Be RiverSafe

Know the dangers

Be RiverSafe

Photo of Be WaterfallSafe

Know the dangers

Be WaterfallSafe

Photo of Be DamSafe

Know the dangers

Be DamSafe

Photo of Be CreekSafe

Know the dangers

Be CreekSafe

Photo of Be SurfSafe

Know the dangers

Be SurfSafe

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