In an emergency, call TRIPLE ZERO (000)


While our state is home to stretches of unrivalled coastline, it’s also home to a number of unique and potentially dangerous marine creatures, including crocodiles. Crocodiles are a natural part of North Queensland’s aquatic environment and, while attacks on humans are rare, they can and do occur.

Surf life savers or lifeguards will close a beach for at least four hours following a crocodile sighting. If this does occur it’s important you stay out of the water.

SLSQ encourages anyone who spots a crocodile in Queensland to immediately report it to CrocWatch on 1300 130 372.

By reporting any and all crocodile sightings, you’ll be helping to identify crocodile movements and patterns across North Queensland. This information is vital when it comes to developing effective crocodile management and safety strategies moving forward.

Crocwise safety tips poster (transcription unavailable)

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