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Tip 10: Be prepared for stinger season

Monday, 21 December 2020

In December 2019 and January 2020 there were more than 30,670 marine stings on Queensland beaches.

Anthony Cassone, from Surf Life Saving Queensland’s Academy, said it will be inevitable that visitors to Queensland beaches may get stung by a bluebottle, but it was important to remain calm as treatment for the discomfit is simple. 

“Please don’t believe all the myths you hear about bluebottle stings, specifically to urinate on the sting,” Cassone said. 

“The best care and treatment is to wash the area with seawater, pick the tentacles off with your fingers and then have a hot shower.

“As soon as you are stung seek help from a lifesaver or lifeguard who can help you. 

“If hot water is not available you can still use cold water or ice packs.” 

The Academy offer First Aid Training, which can be booked through the ALAQ at

When visiting North Queensland beaches, it is important to consider whether they have a stinger net in place during the November – March period. SLSQ services patrol 15 beaches with stinger nets in North Queensland, including:

  1. Four Mile Beach 
  2. Holloways Beach 
  3. Yorkeys Knob Beach
  4. Ellis Beach
  5. Palm Cove
  6. Trinity Beach
  7. Clifton Beach
  8. Bramston Beach
  9. Kewarra Beach
  10. Etty Bay
  11. North Mission
  12. Mission Beach
  13. Forrest Beach
  14. The Strand Net 1
  15. The Strand Net 2


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