SLSQ Review of Covid Vaccination Requirement

Monday, 7 March 2022

On 16 November 2021 the SLSQ Board resolved, subject to regular review of the changing Covid-19 landscape, that it be a requirement for staff members and volunteer members 16 years or over to be double vaccinated by 31st March 2022.

Consistent with its undertaking SLSQ Board has continued to monitor the vaccination requirement in the context of developing regulatory, environmental and risk factors. Since its initial determination and implementation, a number of steps have been taken to address Covid- 19 risk, more is known about its management and effects, further agencies such as the Government have provided guidance. Against this background the SLSQ Board considered it timely to review the situation.

SLSQ has engaged in consultation with Branches, Clubs, Staff and external stakeholders. The Board has taken independent advice and also closely monitored Queensland and Australian Government directives. SLSQ thanks the members, clubs and staff that have provided feedback and submissions relating to the requirement during this valuable consultation process.

The SLSQ Board and Council considered the vaccination requirement at their bi-annual combined meeting on 5 March 2022. A comprehensive report was presented outlining critical information associated with the evolving Covid-19 environment, which information included:

• National and State levels of vaccination have now reached 94.5% and 91.0% respectively (as at 04 March 2022).
• At a community level, State border restrictions have been removed, requirements for the use of face masks are reducing, and the community is re-engaging and opening up in response to confidence by Health departments that the community can tolerate these levels.
• Vaccinations and the availability of non-prescription medication have had positive impacts on the health outcomes of individuals contracting Covid-19.

On the basis of the information presented, the SLSQ Board has decided to suspend the requirement for staff and volunteer members to be fully vaccinated by the 31st March 2022.
However, the SLSQ Board continues to highly recommend its membership and staff be fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

When initially announcing its decision in November regarding vaccination requirements, the SLSQ Board advised that it would review the situation as it evolves. Nothing has changed in this regard. The Board will continually monitor the situation with advice and review its policies based on current information and risk assessments.

We appreciate the uncertain environment presented by Covid-19 has been very difficult for many members and clubs, and again thank you for your feedback and submissions. The Board takes no higher priority than ensuring its ongoing duty of care to its members and staff, as well as the bathing public, and will continue to meet this duty through a process of comprehensive oversight and agility in response to the pandemic.

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