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SLSQ reminds swimmers to stay between the flags, after performing 32 rescues on the weekend

Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Thirty-two people went home to their loved ones after being rescued by Surf Life Saving Queensland (SLSQ) services this past weekend (Saturday November 28 and Sunday November 29).

Services across Queensland rescued 32 swimmers in distress; performed CPR on one patient, administered 160 First Aid treatments and performed 15,297 preventative actions on a weekend that saw more than 146,000 people head to the beach. 

To mark National Water Safety Day, today December 1, 2020 which also coincides with the first day of summer, SLSQ are encouraging all people visiting the beach to swim between the red and yellow flags.

Queensland Lifesaving Services Manager Peta Lawlor is predicting the beaches to be packed this weekend, with the Queensland border to open to Greater Sydney and the temperature set to skyrocket.

“We cannot afford for people to be complacent on our Queensland beaches by not swimming between the red and yellow flags.

“Today, National Water Safety Day is a pertinent reminder for swimmers to be vigilant by following our highly trained lifeguards and volunteer surf lifesavers.

“This past weekend alone saw our SLSQ services rescue 32 people. That’s 32 people who made it home to hug their loved ones that night. 

“This number year-on-year has more than tripled, which is of concern for us. 

“She’ll be right, won’t save your life. If we cannot see you, we cannot save you.

“Be a legend, not a hero this summer and swim between the red and yellow flags.”

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