Queensland's best lifesavers vie to be crowned Champion Lifesaver

Thursday, 11 February 2021

The Surf Rescue Championships are unlike any other event for surf lifesaving as participants are judged on both the physical and intellectual aspects of a person on patrol.  

The Championships have three key events: Champion Lifesaver, Champion Patrol and First Aid.  

Champion Lifesaver encompasses physical events including board race, tube race, run swim run and beach sprints. Competitors are quizzed on their first aid knowledge with a 40-question multiple choice exam paper and a practical resuscitation examination.  

Champion Patrol is a team event with each team faced with a different rescue scenario on patrol.

First Aid is similar, with competitors faced with a variety of scenarios and judged on how the patient is treated.  

The 130 competitors are from all across Queensland with events ranging from Under 14 through to Masters.  

SLSQ Sport Coordinator Ryan Bennett said the event rewards competitors who are passionate about lifesaving.

“These competitors are incredibly skilled with resuscitation and knowledge of the lifesaving training manuals. Plus they are physically fit and can handle themselves in the surf,” he said.

“If you wanted to pick someone to come and rescue you, these competitors would be the pick of the bunch.”  


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