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Holiday Safety Video Competition

Wednesday, 8 December 2021

These holidays have your chance to win $2,000 for your club! Get your cameras out and film a short 30 second video that provides safety tips and advice about your patrolling beach – it’s that easy!

How it works?
Create a short 30 second video that highlights some of the most relevant safety messages to your patrolling beach. You can film these videos in groups or individually and clubs are welcome to have multiple submissions.

Tip: Extra points will be awarded to clubs which use our safety tagline “she’ll be right, won’t save your life” or “it’s the risks you don’t take, that make you safer”.

The competition is now open! Submit your final video HERE. 

Entries close on: 14/01/2022 at 11:59PM.

All entries will be reviewed by a judging panel and the shortlisted videos will be posted to our social media channels (@lifesavingqld). The finalist video that has the most engagement (likes, comments and shares) will be chosen as the winner!

A few rules:
1. Members must be in the correct patrol uniform

2. Featured members and surf club should be mentioned in the video

3. Video must mention at least two of the following safety messages:
– Keep your kids within arm’s reach
– Swim during patrolled hours
– Always swim between the red and yellow flags
– Always swim at a patrolled beach
– Don’t drink and swim
– Avoid swimming in remote areas
– Always swim with a mate

Hint: extra points for using our safety taglines!

4. Make sure that the video filmed portrait saved as an MP4

5. Get creative! We want to know all of the safety advice and tips for your patrolling beach. Don’t use any graphics – if your video is shortlisted, we will add these on for you!

Have a look at the example submission below!


The Winner and Runner up will receive a cash prize for your Surf Club.

1st Place = $2,000
2nd Place = $500

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