Apply for the 2022 Surf Woman of the Year program

Sunday, 16 May 2021

The program seeks to engage the most capable women from surf lifesaving clubs across Queensland and develop their skills and experience to further their future careers both within and outside Surf Life Saving. The program will also connect women from across the state and in turn build a powerful alumni network.

The Surf Woman of the Year 2022 program entrants will be responsible for representing the movement in promoting surf safety, fundraising, and the important role of Surf Life Saving in the wider community. The Surf Woman of the Year Program will feature learning and development opportunities to benefit each entrant and their respective clubs. These include:

  • Workshops and webinars with a variety of mentors, covering topics such as events management, leadership, digital marketing, business development, and professional presentation;
  • A focus on providing regular and ongoing feedback and support to each entrant on their events and activities; and
  • Developing further opportunities for each entrant to engage with other participants within the program, e.g. team-building activities.


See Frequently Asked Questions for more details.

Individual Benefits

The Surf Woman of the Year Program is a great platform for entrants to learn new skills for both their professional and personal development. Also included is:

Professional Training and Experience

  • Improved self-confidence, public speaking and leadership skills through community education and fundraising initiatives, in addition to media training;
  • Improved networking skills and expanded personal and professional networks;
  • Workshop in media, marketing, administration, conflict management, team management.
  • Retreat weekend featuring alumni dinner, guest speakers, team-building exercises.

Personal Benefits

  • Accommodation, flights (as required), and a food and beverage allowance during Workshop weekend and Judging week.
  • Increased media profile on a local and state level – a boost for your personal brand.
  • Gaining lifelong friendships.

Potential Opportunities

  • The opportunity to win the Surf Woman of the Year Award and a share in $20k worth of prizing.
  • An opportunity to have a voice within Surf Life Saving Queensland and provide input into the direction of the movement.
  • Surf Life Saving Queensland internship.

Club Benefits

The Program provides significant media exposure and enhances the profile of the club.

  • Clubs are the sole beneficiary of the funds raised via the efforts of their Surf Woman of the Year. All funds raised are distributed back into participating clubs to be used in mutual agreement between the entrant and her club in a variety of ways such as the purchase of new rescue equipment, surf safety education, member development, and expanding training programs.
  • The program is designed to unite your members and club towards a common goal.
  • The Program has the potential to unlock partnership and sponsorship opportunities through its local community engagement.
  • The program inspires younger club members and nippers to engage and achieve.
  • The program assists in creating future leaders within each club.


“My experience changed my life. I built relationships and skills that will stay with me forever. The judging week was one of the best weeks I’ve ever had.” 

When you and your club become a part of the Surf Woman of the Year Program, you will also become part of this community. For more than 50 years, life-changing connections have been made through this program. You can collaborate and connect with the brightest minds and key figures in Surf Life Saving through the Alumni.

Surf Life Saving Queensland is connecting with previous entrants for an annual luncheon. 

The alumni will be able to build relationships with people that count, learn how to overcome relatable struggles and feel part of a lifelong community backed with our support. 

Terms and conditions.

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