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12 Tips of Christmas: Surf with a buddy

Monday, 14 December 2020

The warning comes after a male surfer was rescued by lifesavers at Mooloolaba yesterday after getting into difficulty in the large swell.

All Gold Coast beaches remain closed today, as well as majority of Sunshine Coast beaches, with SLSQ lifeguards urging all beachgoers to not enter the water.

Lifesaving Services Manager Peta Lawlor said surfers need to make sure they are looking out for each other this summer.

“Surfers can get into all sorts of trouble, they might fall off their board or hit their head which can result in unconsciousness or a spinal injury,” she said.

“If you are out there by yourself and there is no one to get you help it can result in a devastating outcome.

“Particularly in these dangerous surf conditions it is important to keep an eye out for each other, however only experience surfers should be entering the water.”

During December 2019 and January 2020 surf lifesavers and lifeguards rescued 113 surf craft users across Queensland beaches.

Ms Lawlor said having a buddy with you ensures there is someone to provide immediate assistance.

“Surfing with a buddy doesn’t necessarily mean you need to take a friend, it might mean that you buddy up with someone else you meet in the water and keep an eye out for each other,” she said.

“That way if something was to happen they can immediately raise the alarm and provide help until emergency services arrive.

“Particularly in popular surfing spots which are unpatrolled, such as South Stradbroke Island, your buddy may have to render first aid until emergency services can reach you,” she said.

SLSQ encourages all surfers who regularly enter the water in isolated areas to learn basic first aid and resuscitation skills so they can be prepared to respond in an emergency until help is able to reach them.


SLSQ reminds everyone to maintain 1.5 metres social distancing when visiting the beach this summer.  

“She’ll be right, won’t save your life.” Be a legend not a hero this summer by swimming between the red and yellow flags.  

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