25KG and Night NVLOS Combo Upgrade Course

You already have your CASA RePL License – which is a 25KG license with a 7KG restriction. The very fact that you have your RePL usually means you’re serious about flying, and if flying commercially, why limit yourself to sub-7KG jobs during the day only?

The Ripper Academy 25KG NVLOS Course gives you both endorsements in one convenient package that can be completed on its own, or at the end of your RePL course leaving you as qualified as you can be – and all that within a week on our short courses. Plus, it saves you over $300 compared to 25KG and Night individually.


  • RePL Unrestricted 25KG License Upgrade
  • CASA 01/17 Instrument for Night Flight user ReOC


Face to face and online


  • Better Commercial Opportunity
  • Larger RPA with varied payloads
  • Ag jobs including large scale surveys and spraying
  • 24 hour operational tasking
  • Wildlife Monitoring and Surveys ( Night )


  • Video Presentations
  • Understand handling of larger RPA
  • Payload Management
  • Specialised Tasking
  • Practical flying of the M600, M210 and other Sub 25KG included RPA



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