Surf Survival Certificate

The aim of this course is to provide high school students with the knowledge of basic surf awareness in order for them to be able to safely enjoy our beaches. This course provides an understanding of the surf environment along with an introduction to rescue techniques, basic First Aid and CPR awareness.

The course is conducted over two days. The first day is theory focused and is delivered at the school. Day two focuses on all the practical elements and is delivered at a mutually agreed upon beach.


Please contact our Community Awareness team for a quote and program proposal. The price depends on induvial factors.

Course Requirements

  • Participants must be a minimum of 12 years of age on the date of program
  • Be able to complete a 25-metre swim in a swimming pool without stopping in either freestyle or breaststroke
  • Be able to complete a two-minute survival float

What is involved

You will complete training in basic CPR and First Aid awareness, on top of learning other surf survival skills necessary to stay safe at the beach.

Practical Elements

Beach Safety Identify flags, signs, rips and lifesavers/lifeguards as well as how to signal for assistance.
Surf Skills Board paddling, body boarding, dolphin diving, wading, body surfing.
Rescues Tube rescues, board rescues with a conscious and conscious patient.
Patient Care Using skills learnt from day 1 in theory section, student is put to the test in testing recovery position, Call 000, CPR in a rescue scenario.


“Our students had a fantastic time and really enjoyed the day/s.  I don’t work on Monday’s but popped up to check it out as well and it was a great.  The staff that you had did a great job, they had all of the students involved the entire time.  I asked a few of the students the following day about what they thought and they all said that they loved the day.  I have attached the links below of the write ups that we did on the school Facebook page about the days for you to check out.  We will definitely being booking this in again for our students next year.” – Amanda

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