Beach To Bush

The Beach to Bush program offers students in regional areas an introduction to surf lifesaving and the vital water safety skills required to stay safe in an aquatic environment.

The presentation is designed to increase awareness of the risks associated with the surf and show children how to minimise these risks. Students from regional communities are often less familiar with the potential dangers of the surf and the program aims to reach those children before they reach the beach.

It also increases awareness of risks associated with local waterways such as dams, creeks and rivers, and provides students with water safety knowledge to ensure they remain safe.

Every year the program visits around 50 regional and rural schools. If your school would be interested in being considered for future tours, please let us know.


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The program is delivered free of charge thanks to Queensland Health funding.

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What Students Will Learn

Flags How to find the red and yellow flags, why we should swim there and identify other important flags at the beach
Signs How to read beach signs and understand the danger represented by each sign
Sun Safety Educating students on the importance of sun safety all year round
Rip Currents How to spot a rip current and how to get out of a rip
Signal for Help Demonstration on how to signal for assistance
Marine creatures and stingers Students are taught about a diverse range of marine creatures and stingers including correct treatment of stings
Equipment Children learn about lifesavers uniforms and equipment through interaction and rescue demonstration
Water Safety Tips How to swim safely in other waterways i.e. lakes, dams, creeks


“Age specific content, children were engaged and having fun.”

“Very child friendly – great personalities with the staff who came.”

“Very important information for our students was delivered at our school.”

“Students were engaged throughout the presentation and loved seeing the flags and rescue equipment. Presenters were enthusiastic and passionate about teaching our students about beach safety.”

“Students enjoyed seeing the real-life examples (e.g. board, flags, uniforms, pictures). There was great interaction between presenters and students to enhance learning. Our students were thoroughly engaged and enjoyed the presentation. The work booklet provided opportunities for follow up discussion and work.”

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