Beach and Water Safe Presentation

The Beach and Water Safe Presentation is delivered all year round to schools, universities, corporate and senior groups all over the state by volunteer lifesavers.

The program aims to change behaviours and save lives through education and increased understanding of vital beach safety messages in a fun and interactive environment. Students and adults that take part in the program will develop skills, attitudes and awareness that will keep them safe around water now and into the future.

Each year the program educates more than 50,000 people on how to stay safe on Queensland beaches.

Surf Life Saving Queensland has a COVID-19 Safe Industry Plan in place for all our programs.



The program is delivered free of charge.


Key Outcomes

Primary Schools

 Flags How to find the red and yellow flags, why we should swim there and identify other important flags at the beach
Signs How to read beach signs and understand the danger represented by each sign
Sun Safety Educating students on the importance of sun safety all year round
Signal for Help Demonstration on how to signal for assistance
Rip Currents How to spot a rip current and how to get out of a rip
Marine creatures and stingers Students are taught about a diverse range of marine creatures and stingers including correct treatment of stings


All students will receive a free water safe kids activity booklet.

Presentation can be presented with AV. If school cannot provide space with AV it can be presented without.

Secondary Schools, Adults, Seniors

All components included in the primary school presentation in addition to the below outcomes

Statistics Discussion and review of SLSQ rescue and drowning statistics
Rescue Footage Vision of lifesavers and lifeguards in action performing a rescue
Pathways Explanation of the broad roles in surf lifesaving and how individuals can get involved
Don’t Drink and Swim Educating participants on the dangers associated with swimming after consuming alcohol


AV is required for presentation, delivered through PowerPoint presentation.


“The Beach Safety Presentation was really good.  It was very informative and lots of questions/comments from the students which you could see that time was allotted for this.  Awesome.  The presenter was so patient with the students, especially to those who needed time to speak (getting their words together in a sentence). The students LOVE reading and doing the activities in the booklet they all received too. Great job! – Shardai


“Amazing discussion when we got back to our room – showing how much the children took in and had an impact” 

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