Youth Involvement Program – YIPS

The structure of the program not only rewards and recognises youth participants for their commitment but also sets achievable goals to encourage on-going participation across a range of lifesaving activities while promoting leadership skills, personal development and social interaction with peers. YIPs also encourages a sense of organisational commitment and pride and assists clubs with the process of succession planning through the identification of future leaders.

How does YIPs Work?

The concept is simple! YIPs is a recognition and reward program that is self-paced and can be completed in three years, give or take depending on the member. The rewards program operates utilising a similar concept to that of frequent flyer points where participants collect points for being involved in a range of lifesaving activities. The more activities they engage in and the more hours they volunteer, the greater the points collected.

YIPs is designed to encourage youth participation in all areas of club activity including:

Junior Activities (nippers)
Youth Activities
Club Activities
Community Project (gold level only)
Participants can choose their level of involvement and the areas that they are specifically interested in. By collecting points, three levels of achievement can be attained which include:

Bronze – Minimum 150 points completed in three YIPs areas and 25 hours patrol
Silver – Minimum 400 points completed in four YIPs areas and 65 hours patrol
Gold – Minimum 800 points completed in five YIPs areas and 115 hours patrol and a community project of significance.

What resources are available?

SLSQ will provide resources to assist each club to implement the YIPs program. There are also Branch Youth Development Officers and Branch Lifesaving Development Staff in your area to support your club where required.

The following resources will be provided to clubs:

Promotional poster and brochures
Co-ordinator handbook
Participant handbooks
PowerPoint induction presentation
Certificates of achievement
Bronze level rewards

Interested in becoming a participant or a co-ordinator – what now?

Get involved! Contact your local Branch Lifesaving Development Officer or visit the FAQ’s page for more information.


Brochure (2MB)
Coordinator Registration Form (406KB)
Participant Registration Form (311KB)
Club Endorsement Form (343KB)