Insurance and WorkCover

SLSQ holds a variety of members, property, and liability insurances. Members from 14 years and up are covered through WorkCover Queensland. Junior members aged five to 13 years are covered by SLSQ Personal Accident and Public Liability Insurance. More information can be requested from your club administrator, if required.

Workers Compensation is provided by WorkCover Queensland in the event of a member incurring a personal injury while performing approved surf lifesaving duties. The workers compensation system can provide financial members with benefits and assistance if a personal injury is sustained that interferes with their paid work life and/or to cover reasonable medical and rehabilitation expenses. WorkCover Queensland will assess the claim and advise if liability has been accepted or declined after the required documentation is provided. WorkCover Queensland may require the claimant to attend a medical examination by a doctor nominated by the Authority.

To lodge a WorkCover claim follow these steps:

  1. Notify your club of your intention to claim so that they can assist the you to complete your application.
  2. The cub will forward your claim form and relevant documents to WorkCover via your branch.

For further information on WorkCover and Surf Life Saving Queensland please contact your branch.