2013/2014 Proficiency Information

SLSQ has created some short videos, and posted them on youtube, to assist you in being able to access and complete the Online Proficiency Theory Paper.

How to create a Lifesaving Online account – you are required to have a Lifesaving Online account to be able to access the online proficiency theory paper.

Click here to watch this youtube video

How to complete the SLSQ Proficiency online – short video showing you how to access the online proficiency theory paper, some basic functions about the online software and most importantly, how to print out a certificate which you are required to give to your surf club as evidence you have completed it.

Click here to watch this youtube video.

You can find information about the following topics on this page:

  • 2013/2014 Proficiency Process and Highlighted Changes
  • Online Proficiency Theory Paper Instructions including:
  • How to access the ‘Online Proficiency Theory Paper’ through ‘Lifesaving Online’ website www.sls.com.au.
  • How to create your Lifesaving Online account for the first time
  • How to access your existing Lifesaving Online account
  • What to do if you have forgotten your username and/or password from last year
  • Other FAQ’s

2013/2014 Proficiency Process, Resources and Highlighted Changes

The 2013/2014 proficiency process is very similar to the process for the past 2 seasons. For specific details on how to conduct the 2013/2014 Proficiency process, please refer to the 2013/2014 Patrol Operations Manual Section LS0024: Proficiencies 2013/2014 document which can be found by clicking here.

To access the current 2013/14 proficiency bulletin click here.

The main changes to this POMS document and the proficiency process are highlighted below:

Signals Assessment

  • where awards require a candidate to demonstrate signals, a candidate only needs to demonstrate
  • 10 correct signals to be deemed to complete this practical assessment satisfactorily.
  • Assessors should use the Signals Assessment Card for this practical assessment as a guide
  • Previously, in 2011/2012, a candidate was required to complete ALL signals correctly.

IRB Awareness in Bronze Medallion Proficiency

  • Only members who DID NOT complete the 2011/2012 or 2012/2013 Bronze Medallion proficiency are required to be trained and assessed on this topic
  • The IRB Awareness PowerPoint can be found below
  • Once a candidate has been trained in the required components, the member must then be assessed according to the IRB Awareness Practical Assessment card which can be accessed by clicking here.
  • Trainers/Assessors should read the 13/14 POM Section LS0024: Proficiencies 2012/2013 document for specific instructions on how to conduct this

Anaphylaxis and Asthma Practical Assessment

  • All Bronze Medallion proficiencies MUST include the practical assessment of Anaphylaxis and Asthma
  • Assessment Cards for these can be found below
  • Where a member did not complete the Bronze Medallion proficiency in 2011/2012 or 2012/2013, they must complete the training for these 2 topics including the presentation of information found on the corresponding powerpoints – to view the asthma information click here and for the anaphylaxis information click here.

In Depth Proficiency
If a member has not been proficient in an award for 3 or more seasons, please see the In-Depth Proficiency section below – see below for in depth proficiency information.

Pool Swim Requirements
After much consideration by the SLSQ State Lifesaving Education Panel, SLSQ State Lifesaving Committee, and SLSA Lifesaving Education Committee, a member may use any form of swimming stroke to complete a pool swim or a run swim run, as long as they complete either practical assessment within the designated time frame.

Radio Operator Proficiency Requirements
A Radio Operator must complete a proficiency on an annual basis which includes completing the annual Proficiency Paper AND a practical task as per SLSQ Radio Practical Assessment Card.

First Aid Proficiency

  • An Apply First Aid award is current for 3 years.
  • However to maintain currency in this award within SLSQ, the member must complete an annual Resuscitation Proficiency, including completion of the annual Proficiency Paper

Spinal Management Proficiency

  • The Spinal Management award now has 2 practical assessment cards specifically associated with this award.
  • Please refer to the resources list below for these specific assessment cards

IRB Proficiencies

  • The content of IRB Driver and Crew proficiencies for the 13/14 season is very similar to 11/12 & 12/13 season – please refer to the IRB Team Assessment Card below.
  • The conduct and administration procedures for an IRB Assessment has changed slightly – your respective Branch IRB TACO’s will communicate this new procedure to you

In Depth Proficiency

The SLSA National Education Committee resolved in November 2010 that if a member remains non-proficient in any award for a period of three continuous years or more, then they are required to either sit an in-depth proficiency, a full assessment or be retrained in order to be considered proficient in the award.

SLSQ State Lifesaving Education Panel have further defined SLSA requirement and as of the 2012/2013 season, the following new Proficiency Rules will apply to all SLSQ members.

  1. Where a member has not been proficient for the previous three (3) consecutive years or more in an award, they are required to complete an in-depth proficiency including the current years annual proficiency test requirements (as outlined within the SLSQ Patrol Operations Manual Section LS0024: Proficiencies 2012/2013) AND training and assessing of any new skills and/or knowledge that have been implemented within the previous 3- 5 years as summarised in the SLSQ Proficiency Bulletin’s released each year as listed below.
  2. Where a member does not hold a unit of competency for the corresponding award they wish to become proficient in, they must complete an Assessment Only RPL procedure for the award to be issued the Unit of Competency. Members who complete the Assessment Only RPL Procedure are not required to complete the proficiency requirements for that award except the current seasons Proficiency Theory Paper MUST be completed.
  3. Where a member has NOT been proficient for the previous 5 consecutive years, they must undergo the full course assessment.

Online Proficiency Theory Paper – 2013/2014 Online Proficiency Paper STILL UNDER DEVELOPMENT

SLSQ launched the online Proficiency Theory Paper in the 2011/2012 season with over 3,000 members choosing to complete the theory paper online.

The benefits of providing the Proficiency Theory Paper online include:

  1. Flexibility – members can complete the proficiency theory paper in their own time at their own pace
  2. Reduce Proficiency Time – if members use the online theory paper, which is self marking, this means at the club, members can get straight into the practical proficiencies reducing the time required to complete your proficiency at the club hopefully
  3. Environmentally friendly – by completing the theory activities online, less paper based theory papers are required to be printed. Note: if 3,000 people complete the paper online, and with the theory paper being 11 pages long, this equates to a saving of 18,000 pages of paper
  4. Automatic self marking – assessment questions completed online will be self marking which means Trainers/Assessors can spend more time on the practical components of the proficiency.

With the introduction of any new technology, especially online learning, we did experience some teething problems for the first year however SLSQ is very confident that a majority of these teething problems experienced by members will have been ironed out for the 2012/2013 season.

New Member / No Lifesaving Online Account

Step 1 – Establish your Lifesaving Online Account

  1. Got to the following website address: www.sls.com.au
  2. Select ‘Create Account’ at the top of the page
  3. Select YES to Question 1
  4. Complete all other questions as instructed/required
  5. Successful – go to Step 2 below OR
    Unsuccessful – if it does NOT allow you to set up your account, contact your club administrator to check that all of your current details i.e. name, date of birth, email address and mobile number, are correct within Surfguard. Once the club administrator check’s this, you should be able to create your account starting at Step 1 above. – PLEASE NOTE THAT CLUB ADMINISTRATORS WILL NOT BE ABLE TO

Step 2 – Login to Lifesaving Online Account

  1. Login to Lifesaving Online account at the following website www.sls.com.au using the username and password you established in Step 1
  2. Select ‘My Courses’ tab on the top of the page
  3. Select ‘Go to Online Learning now’ button
  4. Click on ‘Personal Learning Plan’ on the left-hand side. The SLSQ logo with the words ‘Surf Life Saving Queensland 2012/2013 Proficiency Theory’ should appear in the middle of the screen
  5. Click on the ‘Launch’ button on the bottom of the screen. Three individual columns should appear on the screen
  6. Select, by left clicking with your mouse, the ‘SLSQ Proficiency 2012’ in the middle box – the one with the white bar next to it, found under the ‘SLSQ Proficiency 2012/2013’ which has a folder icon next to it. The right-hand side box should change
  7. Single click with your left mouse button on ‘Launch Fullscreen’ found in the right-hand box. The proficiency program should start


  • ALL questions must be completed correctly to have completed the proficiency paper.
  • Some slides may have learning boxes that show up after a period of time.

Step 3 – Print out Completion Summary

  1. You will need to print out evidence that you have successfully completed the online theory paper.
  2. To do this, exit out of the Online course and click on ‘Personal Learning Plan’ at the top of the left hand column.
  3. Then click on ‘Certificates’ under ‘My Progress’
  4. iv. Left Click on the ‘SLSQ Proficiency 2012/13’ once
  5. Then click the ‘Print’ button on the bottom of the page. You will need to have a printer connected to your computer to print out your completion certificate
  6. Take your completion certificate to your club on the proficiency day.

you may not be able to complete your practical proficiency if you do not present the Completion Certificate.