What do they look like?

The lionfish is covered with a stripy pattern which can be red, brown, orange, yellow, black or white. They have
long feathery fins which hide their large poisonous spines.

Where do they live?

Lionfish usually live on coral reefs, in caves or crevices
and especially in shallow waters. They are found all
around Australia.

Why are they dangerous?

Lionfish have 13 sharp and venomous spines that
can produce painful puncture wounds. Their venom
causes intense pain and in the worst cases gives you a
headache, vomiting, stomach pains and can stop your
arms, legs, lungs and heart working properly.

How to avoid them?

If you don’t touch, scare or tease a lionfish, it is unlikely
to injure you. Lionfish can be aggressive, so if you see
one stay a safe distance away from it.

What to do if you get hurt?

Put the area, most often a hand or foot, into hot water
(as hot as the rescuer can stand with their elbow) and
then seek medical assistance.