Laerdal Surf Rescue Championships

Friday 16 February

Lifesavers bring their patrol skills into the competitive arena when they take part in the Laerdal Queensland Surf Rescue Championships.

The Championships, supported for more than a decade by equipment manufacturer Laerdal, is an integral component on the surf sports calendar, focusing not only on the athleticism of lifesavers, but also on their knowledge and the vital skills required to excel as a patrolling member.

Lifesavers compete in three areas including patrol, first aid and the Champion Lifesaver competition. Competitors combine a theory paper with water events and beach sprints for the Champion Lifesaver event, while those in the open patrol and first-aid competitions are given simulated rescue or accident scenarios and are judged on their handling of them.

What: 2018 Laerdal Surf Rescue Championships
When: 16-18 February 2018
Where: Bundaberg SLSC

Click here for the 2018 Laerdal Surf Rescue Championships – Program of Events

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