The Beach to Bush Program offers students in regional areas an introduction to surf lifesaving and the vital surf safety skills required to stay safe in an aquatic environment. Qualified surf lifesavers visit classrooms across the country to deliver surf safety lessons using lifesaving equipment.

The program is designed to increase awareness of the risks associated with the surf and show children how to minimise these risks. Children from regional communities are often less familiar with the potential dangers of the surf and the program aims to reach those children before they reach the beach.

It also increases awareness of risks associated with local waterways such as dams, creeks and rivers, and provides students with water safety knowledge to ensure they remain safe in all aquatic environments.

The program began in Queensland in 1998 and since 2003 other states have adopted the program making it a national initiative. Today it is the largest and most innovative surf education program in Australia reaching more than 60 schools and 10,000 students each year.

The 2019 Beach to Bush Program ran from 26 – 31 August consisting of five tours and visiting over 65 schools and reached more then 12,000 students.

The Beach to Bush team really made the kids understand the importance of swimming between the red and yellow flags
Very effective presentation. Covered all aspects of beach safety and having the 'real' flags, signs and equipment made the presentation very authentic.